During sound massage a Singing Bowl is used as a medium to convey the sound waves to the body.  Singing bowls re placed on the dressed body and then gently played to create vibrations.  Resulting in pleasant sound, rich in overtones, inviting wellbeing and relaxation and the sound wave created is conveyed to the body.  As our bodies consist of 70-80% of liquid it is transmitted perfectly around the body.  The physical vibration of the singing bowls continues by degrees through the skin, the tissue, the body's cavity, the organs, bones and whole body.

Beside the vibration it is the sounds themselves that facilitate reaching a state of comforting, regenerating relaxation, in no time.

 Sound Massage -

  • Holistic method - appeals to body, mind and spirit

  • Offers a wide range of sounds due to the manifold overtones;

  • Induces profound relaxation;

  • Strengthens basic trust;

  • Facilitates releasing of emotion and tension;

  • Promotes health - harmonises, regenerates and vitalises;

  • Enhances the awareness of one's body;

  • Allows access to ones resources;

  • Boosts self confidence, creativity and motivation.

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