Rei-ki is a Japanese word, which refers to the active "life force" of the universe.


I am a certified Traditional Usui Reiki Master and have been practising since 2016, I combine my Reiki with intuitive healing. 

Reiki focuses on all aspects of being - mental, emotional and spiritual.    It is the channelling of spiritual healing energy through my hands to provide healing where it is most needed throughout the body - and no, you don't have to have any spiritual belief to receive the benefits of Reiki!   The aim is to move and balance the energy within and around the body to get rid of any energy blocks to reduce pain, speed healing, promote overall wellbeing and provide strength to cope with stress and tension.


Organizations such as the Cancer Wellness Centre and SolarisCare Foundation Cancer Support Centre at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and St John of God Hospital are offering Reiki treatments to cancer patients and it is being used in hospitals in  America to assist with patients healing and comfort.

What will happen during your Reiki treatment?


You will be resting on a massage table (fully clothed), and initially will be asked to lie on your back.  My hands can either rest on your body in specific locations or are held approximately 20cm above your body during the session.  The treatment will begin at your head, followed by the torso and legs, down to your feet. If you are able to rest on your stomach, I will also lay hands on your back.  During treatment, you may feel a slight buzzing or even hot or cold sensations where my hands are focussed.  Some clients drop into a calm meditative dreamlike state.


The results of a reiki session can leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, elated, focussed and is known to improve injury and the effects of illness.  Each individuals experience is different and each treatment is tailored to meet your current needs.

*Those who are suffering physical pain will benefit from 3 sessions over three weeks.


*Client's who return regularly report huge changes in their mental and emotional strength and wellbeing.     It's like a regular massage for you mind and spirit!

Feel free to contact me with any queries or bookings  -

                                        Tel:   0437  770 107


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