My approach to counselling is non-confrontational and focuses on empowering you, the client and working at a pace that is comfortable.


I am a fully certified Counsellor with the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors 


I have always been drawn to helping people and believe my life experiences and extensive time spent with people of various backgrounds allows me the ability to listen, be open and accepting of an individual's specific issue and adapt my skills to suit their unique needs.


I provide a safe confidential space to support you at a time when you may be feeling vulnerable or just need direction in your life and will guide you to reach your chosen goals. I am adaptive and flexible with solutions to resolve your issues. Helping you to understand how thoughts and behavioural patterns are influencing your life and learning new skills to take control and responsibility of your future.


Now is the time to learn how to move towards a positive future and mend relationships.



Feel free to call  or text me to discuss any queries.

                                        Tel: 0437 770 107



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