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The Studio


Harmony and Calm

My studio is set on 2 acres at the edge of central Margaret River town, behind my home amongst lawn, fruit trees and birdsong. Clients have commented on the sense of calm and peace they feel upon entering the studio space.

Shalom Healing Studio

Personalised Healing

Upon your arrival we will take time to assess your immediate needs and wants for today’s session to unblock and revitalise your energy system whether using traditional Reiki, sound or Intuitive healing to even an informal counselling session… Or purely counselling.

To me it is important that you have time after we have finished the session to remain lying or sitting in the moment and not to be hurried from the studio. This time is precious to integrate the work we have done and solidify any changes, feelings or ideas that may have arisen during your session.


Body, Mind and Spirit Healing

I care deeply for the well-being of my clients and I’m happy to use any modality or a combination to help you grow and overcome life’s challenges, anxieties or traumas helping guide you to a freer and more joyous version of who you really deserve and wish to be; and I truly believe this is what sets my healing practice apart from others.

I have been trained professionally in all of the above therapies and as a Reiki Master also teach traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki courses and an Understanding Energy course.

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