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Sound Massage

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Peter Hess Sound Massage & Sound Meditation are a holistic method of working with your body on a vibrational level.  The 'Singing bowls'  and  Fen gong are gently placed on your body or used in the energetic layers surrounding the body.   The sound and vibration of these unique hand beaten bowls brings you to the deepest state of relaxation in body and mind.

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The Transformative Power of Low Frequencies for Deep Relaxation and Cellular Healing

With the low frequencies of the harmonic sounds, you are rapidly transformed into a soothing state of deep relaxation. In many clients this develops into a sense of self-awareness, self-confidence, security and inner strength. It is stated the finer, higher vibrations also stimulate body fluids and effectively penetrate to cellular levels. These gentle vibrations can gently loosen tense muscles, stimulate circulation and have a soothing effect upon deep facial tissue allowing regenerative processes to take place at all levels- physically, mentally and emotionally.

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The holistic method, which resonates deeply with the body, mind, and spirit, is enriched by its diverse overtones, offering a multitude of benefits, including:

✔ Induces profound relaxation

✔ Strengthens basic trust

✔ Facilitates releasing of emotion and tension

✔ Promotes health - harmonises, regenerates and vitalises

✔ Enhances the awareness of one's body

✔ Allows access to ones resources

✔ Boosts self confidence, creativity and motivation

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Groups, Couples or Solo

Lay down on the mats, tuck yourself under a blanket and allow yourself to be enveloped in a world of gentle sounds allowing you to drift away on a cloud of vibration and sound.

The body's response to sound meditation is a whole new experience reaching a deep state of mental & physical relaxation by simply listening to a variety of different  instruments from Singing Bowls, Gong, Chimes, steel drum and a variety of tonal instruments.


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